Volunteer Photographer

Help us capture special camp memories!

We typically take over 4,000 photos during the week of camp. So capturing all the special siblings moments takes a keen eye and a lot of patience. Photographers are matched to one family group for the week and rotate through the weekly activities with their assigned family. At the end of the week, each camper is provided 40-50 photos to complete a sibling scrapbook. The sibling scrapbook is one of our signature projects at Camp To Belong River Valley. Professional and amateur photographers are welcome.

Photographer Requirements:

  • Minimum 21 years of age

  • Desire and ability to work with youth outdoors

  • Ability to work with others collaboratively and effectively

  • Patience, adaptability, flexibility and self-control

  • Enthusiasm and sense of humor

  • Safe, child-centered and professional

  • Experience with a digital SLR camera

  • Videography experience a plus!

Photographer Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside leadership staff, counselors and campers to capture still and action photos.

  • Ensures every sibling and sibling group is photographed together.

  • Print photos for campers to use in scrapbooks

  • Assist in creating end of camp slideshow

  • Follow media clearance guidelines

  • Download photos daily and charge cameras every evening

  • Interact and support all activities of individual campers and with their siblings


Photography volunteers do not have any supervisory role over children at camp. Photographers typically stay-onsite throughout the week and therefore, are required to complete a background check and Child Abuse Clearance Report and/or fingerprints. Visit our Background Check Policies to learn more.


Camp To Belong photographer

More About Our Photographers

All Photographers work under the direction of the camp directors and play a crucial role in supporting the sibling connections made at camp. They must enjoy photographing for long hours, typically outdoors, in a manner that depicts the stories made at camp. They must be sensitive to issues of the camp population, flexible and able to move throughout camp, day by day, across varied terrain.

Photographers are required to release all rights to us directly and may not be used for personal or professional means.


  1. Complete online application

  2. Complete background check and child abuse clearance (view background check policies)

  3. Submit three references

  4. Complete online volunteer training

  5. Complete all media release clearances as requested