To reunite brothers and sisters placed in separate foster, adoptive or kinship homes through events that encourage positive sibling connections and empower meaningful relationships.

We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to spend meaningful time with their brothers and sisters and we are dedicated to helping make that happen for kids living in foster care.  While many of us take for granted the opportunity to share meals, play games and say goodnight to our siblings each day, the kids we serve at Camp To Belong cherish these small moments that they do not always have.  These are the moments we work to create so kids living in foster care are able to have positive childhood memories.


Our Goals

  • Reunite brothers and sisters who are placed in separate foster homes and other out of home care for events of fun, emotional empowerment and much needed sibling connection.

  • Educate the nation about the plight of foster siblings and the importance of keeping them together in foster care, and/or adoption whenever possible.

  • Increase community awareness for the purpose of recruiting foster homes suitable for sibling placements.

  • Raise awareness and encourage best practices to keep the sibling placement issue at the forefront.

  • Enhance sibling relationships by providing a forum to discuss their thoughts and feelings with other children in foster care.

  • Inspire youth in foster care to rise above their circumstances to prepare for a successful adult life; including higher education, solid healthy relationships, social maturation, family connections and meaningful careers.


The Impact

Camp to Belong serves every child's inherent need to know their family. The need to connect. To make memories. To Belong. Camp To Belong provides kids living in foster care a place to come where they are no different from anyone else, where they are not judged for being in foster care and can simply, belong.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Camp To Belong River Valley?

Camp to Belong River Valley is a nonprofit whose mission is to reunite siblings placed in separate foster homes or other out-of-home care for events that promote their social and emotional development in spite of their difficult circumstances, teach them to have a positive outlook, encourage them to have fun and give them the opportunity to reconnect and bond with their siblings. We are an affiliate member of the international organization Camp To Belong

Who does Camp To Belong River Valley serve?

Camp To Belong River Valley serves foster and adoptive youth primarily from Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Northampton and Lehigh counties in eastern Pennsylvania and Camden, Gloucester, Mercer and Burlington counties in New Jersey.

How did Camp to Belong get started?

Camp to Belong was founded in Las Vegas, NV, in 1995 by Lynn Price. Lynn, who did not even know she had a sister until she was 8 and then lived separately from her as a foster child, realized that thousands of other children around the world miss out on the sibling bonding experience, just like she did.

Why is sibling connection so important to us?

We believe that children in foster care often do not have the opportunity to maintain their unconditional sibling relationships (relationships that help mold us into well-rounded individuals), when separately living apart. We also believe that the sibling relationship is particularly important in providing a significant source of love and support. Something children need during difficult times. We seek to provide opportunities that build and strengthen their connections while living in foster care so they are able to have positive childhood memories.

Where is camp held?

Our summer camp program is conducted at Camp Conrad, South Mountain YMCA in Berks County, PA.

Where can I find other Camp To Belong camps?

We have several affiliate camps throughout the US.  Alabama, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, New York, Indiana, Nevada, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and even one in Australia!