Volunteer for a Day at Camp!

Give an hour, give a day!

Our day volunteers are as critical to our program as our camp counselors. Day volunteers are those that cannot dedicated an entire week but still want to support siblings in care.

Day volunteers may assist at our camp program as well as at our SibsConnect day-long events. Day volunteers support our counselors as well as our campers throughout the day and night in their various activities and interactions. Areas of greatest need are usually centered around the birthday store, birthday party, and carnival night. They may serve as chaperones at our day events.

Day Volunteer Requirements:

  • Minimum 21 years of age

  • Physically and mentally capability of working with youth in foster care

  • Desire and ability to work with youth outdoors

  • Ability to work with volunteers, collaboratively and effectively

  • Patience, adaptability, flexibility and self-control

  • Good character and integrity

  • Enthusiasm and sense of humor

  • Safe, child-centered and professional

Day Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Assist in various areas such as check-in, registration, signature programs

  • Work alongside camp planning committee in the development, planning and implementation of camp program activities

  • May lead camp programs and other activities as assigned

  • May serve as transportation chaperones (on buses)

  • Interact and support all activities of individual campers and with their siblings


Day volunteers do not have any supervisory role over children at camp. Volunteer dates and/or times are pre-planned and determined in advance of camp.

If planning to stay longer than 24-hours at camp, a complete background check and Child Abuse Clearance Report must be completed. Visit our Background Check Policies to learn more.


sibling group at camp to belong

What Can Day Volunteers Do?

  • Assist with special events at camp

  • Fund raise and/or promote sponsorships

  • Assist with Volunteer and/or Camper recruitment

  • Collect supplies needed for specific programs

  • Prepare camper swag bags

  • Serve on a planning committee (year-round options)

  • Assist at SibsConnect events


  1. Complete online application

  2. Submit three references

  3. Complete online volunteer training